The Jennian Build Process

Follow our 5 simple steps to your dream home, from inspiration to after build maintenance, we’re here for you.

Step 1: Your Dream Home


No one knows your personality or aspirations better than you! At Jennian Homes, we work along side you to create your ideal way of living based simply on what you want.

When it comes to deciding on a home design, start with a list of why you are building new to begin with. Is it for more or less space, upgrading to modern comforts or a home that better suits you and your family's lifestyle? Think about what features are a must have and what are a nice to have based on your budget.

Once you establish your needs then you can start thinking about the physical style of home you want to build that meets those needs and your personal tastes.

We can design and build exactly what you want from scratch using our in house architectural team who will work with you to draw up plans. We also have a huge range of house plans in all sizes to use as a starting point. Our plans are flexible and can be customised exactly how you want them to suit your needs and section you are building on.

At this stage it is important to establish your total project budget so you know how much you have to spend and avoid any disappointment throughout this exciting journey.

Is a house and land package right for me?

If you don't have land and don’t have your heart set on a specific location, a house and land package can offer excellent value for money. 

A major benefit of these packaged deals is they are managed for efficiency, meaning they don’t tend to blow out in costs or time. The entire process is also managed by us from start to finish, meaning we will take care of the building side of things while you get to choose your colours and textures and add your personal touch.

Building from already consented plans means it’s easier for banks to estimate the value of the final product which is far more favourable when it comes to getting finance for the build. 

Our House and Land Packages

We specialise in building great homes for Kiwis.

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