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Jennian Homes has over 40 years of experience in building quality new homes that Kiwi families will love.
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In  1981 Jenny and Ian Patton founded Jennian Homes in the Waikato.

Since then, it has become a reputable and well-known building company in New Zealand, with locally owned franchises in almost every New Zealand region. It is now a significant household name and one of the leading and most awarded building brands in NZ.

When it comes to building a new home, your locally-owned Jennian Homes franchise will collaborate with you to ensure that you achieve the home of your dreams. Whether you're seeking a design and build masterpiece or an innovative house and land package, we offer custom solutions to fit your unique vision and budget.

Experience the confidence of working with a trusted name in the home building industry for over 40 years. Join the countless families who have entrusted us with their dreams and let Jennian Homes be your partner in turning your dream home into a reality.


Our Passion, Experience and Committment

Our team will handle the construction of your dream home while providing personalised advice on colors, textures, and fittings that align with your taste. We prioritise your individuality to create a home that perfectly suits you and your family's needs.

At Jennian Homes, we offer exceptional value for your investment. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship, innovative design, and strong partnerships ensures that your home is built to a high standard and is also supported by industry-leading guarantees.

We try to simplify the process every step of the way, ensuring that your home-building journey is seamless from beginning to end. You can trust us to take care of everything, while you enjoy watching your dream home come to life.

To build the home you’ve always wanted, contact your local Jennian Homes team today.

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Jennian Homes offer unparalleled guarantees and warranties for your new home construction.

  • 100% Completion Promise: In 40 years we've never failed to complete a home to practical completion. You can trust that your home will be finished as defined in your Registered Master Builders Residential Building Contract.
  • 36 Month Defects Warranty: Our industry-leading 36 month defect warranty exceeds the standard 12-month warranty offered by competitors. If you notice any building defects within 36 months of completion, we'll make sure they're fixed.
  • 10-year Registered Master Builders Guarantee: This means you can trust in the quality of your home for many years to come.

When you choose to build with Jennian Homes, you can be confident that your peace of mind is a top priority.

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The Jennian Build Process

From concept to construction, follow our 5 simple steps to your Jennian dream home.

Whether you’re starting your design from scratch, customising one of our Jennian house plans or building a house and land package, you’ll get a house that you love and that is unique to you.

The Jennian Build Process

Why Choose Jennian Homes?

Of the many choices you will make when building a new home, none is more important than choosing the right builder to oversee your project.

Jennian Homes has been constructing gorgeous homes for New Zealand families for 40 years, and it's no coincidence. Over the years, we've consistently surpassed customer expectations and gained a reputation as a dependable and trustworthy home-building company. Here are some convincing reasons why Jennian Homes is the perfect partner to build your dream home.

1. Proven Plans
2. Flexibility
3. Value for Money
4. Local Knowledge and National Expertise
5. Peace of Mind
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We are NZ’s Most Awarded Master Building Brand

The House of the Year Awards by Registered Master Builders is an esteemed competition that recognises outstanding building achievements in New Zealand. It honors the best homes, builders, and the expertise involved in their construction.

Among all the building brands, Jennian franchisees have received the highest number of these awards. Our homes are constructed and designed to meet award-winning standards, while still providing excellent value to our clients.

Our Awarded Homes

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Inspiration Resources for your New Home

We have carefully put together our inspiration guide bursting with ideas and inspiration for your new home. Your new home can be whatever you want it to be; a proven plan that’s tried and true, or a completely unique design created to complement your personality and lifestyle. Often, it will be something in between the two.

That’s when a little inspiration can help. Along with some of our award winning home builds, we have selected a range of home designs to provide inspiration for your new home. Use one as the starting point for your own creation, or combine elements from several to form the home that’s perfect for you and your family.

Inspiration Resources

We specialise in building great homes for Kiwis.

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