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Get more from your land. Discover the Options and Benefits of developing your own land.

What is Knockdown Rebuild?

KDR is exactly as it sounds - knocking down (or removing from site) your existing home and building a brand new home/s in place.

As time goes by, your family's needs will inevitably change, and that includes the home you live in. You might find that you need more space for growing children, guests, or entertaining, while empty nesters may realize that their large family home is no longer necessary or too much to maintain.

Traditionally, people would either renovate their home, which can be costly and inconvenient, or sell and buy a more suitable property.

However, more and more Kiwi families are now considering Knockdown and Rebuild (KDR) as a smart alternative. KDR allows you to get the home you want in the location you love, without the hassle and expense of renovating or moving. If you're looking for a more suitable home for your future lifestyle, why not consider KDR?

Whether you want to upgrade your existing home to a healthier home or subdivide your land, Jennian Homes is here to guide you through the entire process.

Developing on your own land has many benefits, such as increasing your property's value, earning income from an additional dwelling, or just achieving your dream home without relocating.

Your first step is to understand what is possible on your section. Contact us for a complimentary site assessment without any obligation. This assessment can help you determine the potential of your site

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Knockdown and Rebuild (KDR)

KDR allows you to get the home you want on the land you love, without the hassle and expense of renovating or moving.

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Many homeowners in urban areas are now sitting on sections that are suitable for subdividing. 

Why consider KDR?

The Neighbourhood
Value in your land
Potential Wealth Generator
Renovating isn't always easier

At Jennian Homes we are experts in knock-down and rebuild.

Our teams can manage the entire project for you including demolishing your existing building and rebuilding your dream home. Learn more with your local Jennian Team.

Benefits of subdividing

Do you have a large section that you are tired of maintaining? Subdividing your land can be a great option potentially offering financial benefits.

Backyard Subdivide
Side by Side
Larger Land Subdivide

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