Custom Design & Build

Design & build is your opportunity to create the home of your dreams exactly how you want that suits your lifestyle, budget and land.
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Start with a vision of what you want and we can help bring it to life!

Our dedicated design team can collaborate with you to create custom plans from scratch or tailor one of our inspirational house plans to your liking. We are also open to working with any plans you have already created.

It starts with understanding your building site and its suitability for the type of home you want to build that caters to your family and budget. 

From the initial stage, our local Jennian Homes team will assist you in designing a home that suits your site and specifications while staying within your true budget.

Contact your local team today to embark on your journey towards a home that truly reflects your personality. 

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Our Design and Build Process

Building your dream home is exciting, but we also realise it can be a little overwhelming. 

We can help take some weight off your shoulders and provide clarity on the entire process. See what steps are taken throughout your journey to a new home! 

For additional information on common build inquiries, you may refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Our Build Process

What type of build is right for me?

When it comes to building a home, there are various package options to consider. It's important to understand the available choices and compare them based on cost, time, and level of customisation to create your perfect home.

Custom Build from Scratch

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If you want to build your dream home then a custom build from scratch is the best option. It gives you complete control over your home’s look and feel, allowing you to customise it to all your needs and wants based on your true budget.

A custom build home is the most expensive style of home to build due to it's unique design and multiple processes and parties to engage with. The construction time is also often longer.

Cost to Build: High

Ability to customise: High

Timeframe to Build: High

The benefit of working with Jennian Homes is that we have a full in-house design and draughting team who can draw up your plans and work with you to design your dream home without using external architects and draughtsmen. Having this option means there is less chance of things being mis-communicated or forgotten; saving you time and money.

Building from our Home Plans

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If you want a home design that requires less involvement on your part or you are not sure where to start with your design, customising one of our ready to build home plans to fit your site and needs is a great option.

Our proven house plans are a great start to get some ideas on the design of your new home. You may even find one of our home plans to be exactly what you want. Our plans are also fully customisable, meaning you have the flexibility to build exactly what you want based on your lifestyle and budget.

Cost to Build: Moderate

Ability to customise: Moderate

Timeframe to Design and Build: Moderate

The benefit of building from our proven home plans means we can project manage and oversee the entire build from the conceptual design, the structural aspects of your home, interior design and building consent right through to the home construction. This leaves you to do the exciting part like choosing colours, textures and fittings to suit your personal tastes.

Building from a House and Land Package


If you don't have land and don’t have your heart set on a specific location, a house and land package can offer excellent value for money. A major benefit is they are managed for efficiency so don’t tend to blow out in costs or time. The entire process is also managed by us from start to finish - we will take care of the building side of things while you get to choose your colours and textures and add your personal touch.

Cost to Build: Moderate

Ability to customise: Low

Timeframe to Design and Build: Moderate

Building from already consented plans means it’s easier for banks to estimate the value of the final product which is far more favourable when it comes to getting finance for the build.

Find out how Jennian can help with finance for your build

Our Display Homes

A visit to one of our Display Homes can provide you with valuable insights into the type of home you can expect when building with us, while also offering inspiration for your own dream home. We have Show Homes located in various regions, each showcasing a diverse range of styles and budgets.

To find a display home near you, or to get inspiration from virtual tours and galleries, check out our Display Home listings.

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Inspiration Resources for your new home

Although you might already know exactly what type of home you want we have plenty of free resources to help you gather inspiration for the look and feel of your new home. 

From proven home plans to award winning completed home builds you can gather up your some inspiration to build your dream home.

Inspiration Resources

We specialise in building great homes for kiwi families.

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