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We have great partnerships with lending providers who have experienced and specialist teams in New Build Lending. Together, we have helped many of our clients realise their dream of building a new home - even when the banks said no! 

The benefits of using a specialist new build loan provider like our partners means:

  • You could build with a much smaller deposit than you might expect - terms and conditions will apply
  • "Client Progress Payment" or "Land and Build Turn-Key" Packages maybe available for qualifying clients
  • Your loan will be fully project managed" from application, through to completion and beyond providing certainty for your completed home

Try out their lending calculators and see what you can afford - then talk to your local franchise team, to see how easy it can be to start the process of building your new home.

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New Build’s proven method will simplify the process – to make building your new home more affordable, whether you want a Progress Payment Loan or a Turn-Key Loan, NewBuild will have the best option and advice for a stress-free build.

Find out if you qualify for a New Build loan today.

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Loan Market are home loan specialists with access to a large range of home loans. Finding the right loan is a big part of the process with a New Build. A Loan Market adviser can find you the right loan to ensure the lowest possible repayments during construction phase.

Discover what you could borrow!

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Your local Jennian team are here to help.

Your local Jennian Homes franchise are experts and can assist you with your loan application, and manage your entire build. Get in touch with your Jennian Homes franchise today.

When it comes to financing your build, getting the right loan and advice is crucial.

Construction loans differ to that of a standard outright purchase and settlement of an existing property.

This requires specialist knowledge so before you decide how you want to finance your new build it is important to understand the difference. While normal home loans normally offer a lump sum payment, a construction loan is usually paid in stages as your new build progresses.

When considering a construction loan the key is to talk to a specialist in construction lending before you commit so that you can understand which type of loan is right for you so you wont get caught short when building your home.

Our specialist lending partners are highly experienced in New Build loans and can help you find the right loan for you. We encourage you to use the online lending calculators to explore just how easy it may be to start the process to building your new dream home.

About Construction Loans

Firstly new builds are exempt from the Reserve Banks (RBNZ) Loan to Value (LVR) restrictions which impacts the size of the deposit you need. This exemption includes purchase types such as land and build packages, buying off the plans and turn-key purchases. Lenders however, still have their own internal lending policies to adhere to. These policies differ between banks and impact how they will access your lending and the size of the deposit you need for an investment property or your own home. For an owner occupier there are lenders who only require a 10% deposit, however others will require 20% or more, depending on the borrowers circumstances and plans.

What Loan is right for you?

If you want more design input into your home then you may consider a Progress Payment loan which allows for more input when choosing a section and home design.

Alternatively a Turnkey option offers a faster build process and provides more pricing certainty however much less input into design as a land and build package has already been put together with consented plans. A deposit will be required on signing of the Sale and Purchase agreement and you will start the mortgage repayments when you move it!


All banks require a registered valuation of the “as completed value” prior to the build starting, based on the build contract and specifications. Some banks and lenders also require further valuations during the build, where others don’t - which could save you money. Some banks will also calculate your LVR using the registered valuation instead of using the cost to complete which can add up to a stronger equity position for lending purposes and save you money on low equity margins/fees.

Managing the Process

Finding the right loan is only part of the process. With some construction, loans there are varying requirements along the way, which are not always managed fully by your lender. Our lending partners will fully project manage the loan process for our customers, along with ensuring you meet any other outstanding conditions, so you are not caught short. So while the lending process is more complex than buying an existing home we have specialist partners who can work with you throughout the process to make it easy - from application, to build, to completion and beyond providing absolute certainty for your new home.

Jennian has a proven track record with leading NZ’s loan providers and will assist you with your application and managing your loan while your house is being built.

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