Why investing in a Jennian show home is a great property investment decision

These property investment opportunities have the potential to offer impressive returns.

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If you are a property investor looking for a low-risk, high-reward investment, a new home or both - Investing in a Jennian Display Home could be a perfect option for you. 

Not only are more people seeing the benefit of investing in property rather than leaving their money in the bank but many savvy investors are seeing the benefit of investing in a display home and leasing it back to serve as a display home at a guaranteed and generous rental rate.

What's more you could own a show home with a lower deposit than you might think - T's and C's apply.

Please talk to our finance partners about innovative finance solutions to see just what you may be able to achieve. Find out more.

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Benefits of investing in a Jennian Display Home


Guaranteed Income

Our teams will lease back the display home with a generous lease back agreement meaning you will have guaranteed rental income with Jennian as your tenant, ensuring a stable income in addition to increasing your capital gain.

We will look after your home

With Jennian as your tenant, furnishing's and appliances are rarely used and the home is regularly cleaned by professionals. Display Homes are operated with limited hours providing minimal wear and tear with a commitment to make good at the end of any lease period.

Built to the latest specs and trends

Our Display Homes are built to impress potential clients and showcase the superior Jennian Homes standard and latest design trends. You can ensure you will be buying a highly spec'd home with quality appliances and features.


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Our Display Homes are built in up-and-coming areas and new subdivisions often on premium sites. Our homes are design to suit the section and maximise the light and space available.

Diversify your Rental Portfolio

Knowing that you will have great tenants during the lease back period, provides a great opportunity to diversify your rental portfolio into different regions and growth areas.

Warranties and Guarantees

Any remaining Warranty and Guarantees at the conclusion of any agreed lease back period are transferred to you as the owner - including the transfer of a Master Builder's Guarantee and our 36 month defect warranty


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