The Jennian Build Process

Follow our 5 simple steps to your dream home, from inspiration to after build maintenance, we’re here for you.

Your Residential Building Contract

With Jennian Homes you will know exactly what your new home will cost before construction commences.

We match your staged payments to build progress, saving you money when drawing down finance.

We take the time to explain everything clearly such as:

  • Provisional Sums – for items which may proceed but are not a certainty (e.g. decks, landscaping).
  • Prime Cost Sums – included items where e.g. customer material selections are not known yet (e.g. bathroom fittings).
  • Practical Completion – the date your house is complete except for minor remedial work that does not prevent you from moving in.
  • Variations – any change to the scope of works to be carried out under the contract. This applies to additional work, deletions and substitutions.

Your Jennian Homes team will ensure you understand the agreement and provide clarification where needed.

Have questions about financing your home?

Construction loans do differ to that of a standard outright purchase and settlement of an existing property.

We can help you with the best advice and support to help you finance your dream home. We partner with Newbuild and Loan Market, who are specialists in financing residential new home construction. Talk to us, about the benefits of financing with us or you can also try our finance calculators

We understand that many clients prefer to work with their existing banking partner and our teams will assist you to make this as easy as possible.

Now you can relax while your Jennian New Home Consultant checks the permits and other requirements are in place before building gets underway.

We specialise in building great homes for Kiwis.

Get in touch with your local Jennian Homes franchise today.