Make art from artwork


Term 1 of school is over. Months of day care have passed and you now have another stack of your child’s artwork to deal with.  Do you put in in a box and shove it at the back of the wardrobe, only to be sorted with you child leaves home?

Here’s a few nifty ideas to turn art into…..well, art!

  1. Sort out the best of the best – the ones with the great drawings that tell a story, or the ones that simply have great colour combo’s. Laminate them to preserve their masterpiece and blu-tack to the wall in a gallery style layout.
  1. Again, choose three or four of the best and display in a glass-free frame. Find frames at a charity shop, remove glass and spray paint in funky colours to complement the artwork.  Hang the frames, and Blu-tack the artwork on the wall, inside the frame.
  1. Choose a few pieces with lots of colour (painting artwork works best). Chop up the artwork into shapes (either squares or circles).  Arrange the squares in a frame to make up a new piece of artwork!
  1. Hang up string or fishing line into three rows across a wall and secure in place. Use pegs or bulldog clips to clip the artwork on to create a unique display.
  1. Choose your all-time favourite to be printed onto canvas.

And if you just can’t deal with all the artwork your child brings home….try these ideas:

  • Recycle and use it as wrapping paper and gift cards
  • Send them by snail mail to grandparents for a nice surprise
  • Number the back and then cut the art into shapes to create your own DIY artwork puzzle.
  • Take photos of the artwork and use an online program like Snapfish or the photo booths at Harvey Norman & Warehouse Stationery to create a photo book of all the artwork.
  • Take photos of the artwork on an ipad/tablet that the child can then view at their fingertips.

By Yvette Parker

Studio Y Interior Design