Kick Off with Jennian

Any Buller Rugby Union Member, Registered Senior Player or parent/guardian of a Registered JAB Player who signs up to build a new home with Jennian Homes West Coast will:

  1. Receive a free supporters kit including Two Buller Player Rugby Jerseys, Two Buller Rugby Scarves, Two Buller Rugby Beanies *
  2. Enable a donation of $1,000 towards Buller JAB Rugby*

*Terms & Conditions

  1. To be eligible for this offer you must enter into a Jennian Homes residential building contract by 31 October 2019, provide details of your Buller Rugby Union membership/registration prior to signing the building contract and complete and make all payments under the Jennian Homes residential building contract.
  2. This offer is exclusive only to Jennian Homes West Coast (2014) Limited. Offer is not available to any existing or current customers of Jennian Homes West Coast.
  3. The supporters kit will be supplied by us after consultation with you.
  4. One reward is available per Jennian Homes residential building contract.
  5. This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other Jennian Homes promotional offer or loyalty scheme.
  6. By providing your Buller Rugby Union membership/registration details to Jennian Homes you agree to be bound by the terms of this offer. You also agree to Jennian West Coast (2014) Limited, and related companies holding your personal information.
  7. The rewards cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash.
  8. Eligible entrants will receive their rewards after they make the final payment under their Jennian Homes residential building contract.
  9. Jennian Homes West Coast (2014) Ltd may discontinue or vary the terms of this offer at any time in its discretion, including changing the rewards, eligibility criteria or donation terms.