Subdividing and Rebuild

Rebuild your dream home in your existing neighbourhood

So your family needs have changed and your current home is not the perfect fit for your future lifestyle?


One thing certain about the dwelling you live in today is that over time your family’s needs will change. Growing families need more space; separate areas for teenagers, guests or entertainment. Conversely, empty nesters can find the sprawling family home is no longer necessary and it is time to downsize. 

Traditionally people have taken to renovating, adding the necessary rooms to grow the home with the family, or they sell and buy a more appropriately sized property.

However there is another option that can have many tangible benefits and that is knockdown and rebuild (KDR). KDR is exactly as it sounds; knocking down (or removing from site) your existing home to make way for building a new dwelling (or multiple dwellings).

With land being scarce, KDR and subdividing are becoming increasingly popular options.

There are different types of developments for you to consider

Backyard Subdivide: This is the most commonly known way to subdivide. This is a simple action which allows you to turn a section into two lots, with one house behind the other. The rear house will require a driveway access beside the front house.

Duplex: This development is fast becoming a popular way to develop and maintain road frontage to each home. Do you have a large site that can be split into two sites? Duplex building is a great option to consider and can be quite affordable and bring great returns. Most people can even pay off their entire mortgage!

Terrace/Townhouse: Jennian is experienced in building terraced developments and great for those with a larger block. If you have a larger block, and zoning is favourable, investing in multi unit development could be very rewarding.

Side by Side: With a side by side development each of your homes are separate whilst still maintaining visual street presence against each other. Because they work so well together, it makes them both attractive to buyers. Side by side developments can still be narrow sites. Jennian can show you how to make the best out of even the narrowest of sites.

Larger Land Subdivide: Perhaps you own a farm block and wish to subdivide either one section off or multiple sections. Or perhaps you want to slice of a corner for your kids to build a home.

Knockdown and Rebuild (KDR): This is simply replacing an old house with a newer or bigger one or knocking down and replacing with multiple houses.

Jennian Homes are experienced in developments and are happy to advise on what options are possible for you based on your section size and zone. Get in touch with your local Jennian Homes team to find out more about developing your land.

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Some of the great reasons that more families are considering subdivision and KDR which might also work for you are:

The Neighbourhood
The Neighbourhood

You are in a familiar area, one that you love, with great views, amenities, schools and other services that you and your family is used to and moving away to find a more suitable home is outweighed by the benefits of staying put...

Building the home you’ve always wanted at your current location could just be your dream come true.

Value in your land
Value in your land

If you look at your property’s Government Valuation, it is often the land value that has increased over time whilst the dwelling value has not.

Depending how long you’ve been in the property, paying off the mortgage whilst the land value has increased, could mean that your current house is sitting on a valuable piece of dirt that you have grown significant equity in.

Knocking down to rebuild a modern home in a desired neighbourhood just might realise the full potential value in that land.

Potential Wealth Generator
Potential Wealth Generator

Do you have a sprawling back yard that is now really just a labour of love for you and the lawnmower? The need for space for kids, the pool and backyard cricket have gone and now it is a nuisance to maintain.

Similar to unlocking the land’s value, knocking down and subdividing to make way for more than one dwelling (or dwellings, depending on the size of your land) – could mean that your needs for low maintenance lifestyle are satisfied with the added benefit of investment income or a property you can on sell.

Renovating isn't always easier
Renovating isn't always easier

Major renovations to existing houses can be expensive, plus adding new to the old doesn’t always work harmoniously.

It can be difficult to make the end result meet your needs as well as look like everything works together. Plus part of your home is fresh, modern, dry and healthy whilst the original parts could have ‘old bones.’

KDR could mean that you get exactly the home you want at a similar price to, if not cheaper than, a major renovation.

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If the ideas above have got you thinking about the benefits of KDR, you should seek plenty of sound professional advice before booking the bulldozer. Valuations, council requirements and your personal situation should be taken into account before deciding whether KDR is the right option for you and your family.

Even the most complex developments can be simplified with the correct guidance and knowledge. The team at Jennian Homes can provide you with just that, and work with you to help with every part of the building process from your finance arrangements and resource consents to building a development that ticks all of your boxes.

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